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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Confession of a Young and the Clueless

It was almost sixteen years ago that I gave birth to my first child, Will. To be perfectly honest, the pregnancy came as a big surprise. I was still attending college and didn't graduate until after he was born. I was young and clueless about parenting or anything else that mattered. Only after having two more children after a 7-year break, that the word motherhood really opened my eyes. Until this day, I cringe at the thought of what I could have done for Will had I been more mature and eduated.

As he was growing up, I wasn't too concern about the milestones that pediatricians used because I didn't know any better. And I had my parents and others around me that every child is different and he would catch up in his own time. Boy, was I wrong!

To my painful journey to his diagnosis came when he was 10 and you can read about that in my previous post.

The point I'm trying to make here is that now there are so much information out there about Asperger and Autism. You don't have to be old and wise to seek the help you need. Please don't make the mistake I've made. Pay attention to your child and seek knowledge and help from anywhere you can get it. 

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