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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What's Happening on Family Network TV

Family Network TV interviewed Dan Coulter, the creator of Coulter videos which are geared toward people with Asperger Syndrome. In this segment called "What's Happening," he introduces the audience to Asperger At Work DVD. It features adults with Asperger Syndrome in the job market and how they cope.

Delving into their relationship with their employers/supervisors showed us the unique perspective of grown Aspergan as well as the perspective of the others, besides their family members. It was fascinating to find these Aspergans incorporating their unique aspie traits to work in their favor in their particular jobs. As for the employers, it showed how each of them learned about the disorder and educated themselves in how to understand and work with Aspergans. They also talked about the benefits of hiring employees with Asperger Syndrome. 

On a personal note, I found it quite refreshing to see another side to Asperger. There are great literature/program/DVD that educate us of Asperger/Autism, but this was different. I've always focused on how to raise on instead of thinking about how one would turn out. I've personally enjoyed seeing successful Aspergans shown in such a positive light. As a parent of a Asperger teen, I often worry about what the life would hold for my son after he leaves my nest. Yes, all parents worry about their children whether or not they have Aspergers. But I have a unique challenge as you might understand. Sometimes, I stay up at night and try to imagine about my son as a grown up. This program brought me hope and a little peace of mind.

There are so many possibility for my son as well as the others. I'm glad that I could look toward his future with some positivity. I'm really looking forward to getting my own copy of the entire DVD set, so that I can view it with my son. Thanks to Mary for the wonderful interview and Family Network TV! 


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