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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tired of repeating myself...

I find myself having the same conversation with W.

Lately, I'm having harder time deciding whether his behavior is due to him being a teenager or it is because he is an aspie and he is regressing to his old habits.

Reminding him to do daily activities has become a part of my job. It is different from reminding kids to clean their room or do homework. I have to ask him of he brushed his teeth, shaved, brought empty cup from his room etc. And I'm exhausted.

I sat him down and had a talk with him. I didn't raise my voice even though I felt like screaming.
I had to explain to him about the things he would have to do on his own. He is heading off to college in a year and living on his own. I may or may not be living in the same State.

I described the basic things that he needed to do on his own and I could not be there micromanaging every part of his life. I won't go into details but it made him cry. I just hope it was my sincerity that came through, not as a huge lecture.

I woke up next morning with the sound of music. It was the sound of W practicing his piano. In the dining room, his brother and his sister was having freshly cooked breakfast. Their clothes for school was laid out on the counter with their socks and back packs. His bag, charged phone & itouch & wallet was by the door. So was my bag & keys. Dirty dishes were in the sink. Coffee was brewing.
I walked into the twilight zone. He did all the things I do every morning and then some. He was practicing his piano to top it off. All of this without me asking or reminding.

He showed me that he was capable of doing things on his own. I was relieved.

So did I stop repeating myself?
Nope. But the difference is that I'm no longer worrying about his ability to do it.