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Friday, December 30, 2011

A Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Movie was good, night was bad

Okay. If you've been following me, you have seen my tweet while I was watching this movie. But I thought it needed a post.

As you know, my husband left today and won't be back until July so my family babysat and I went to see the above movie.

Mind you, I read the book so I knew what was to come. What I didn't know who I was sitting with while watching the scenes. If I had objection to it, I would not have gone.

As I sat down, I was surprised to see a girl not more than 9 years old sitting with, I assume, her parents. I was appalled. If you know of the book, you would know why.

I am not naive. I know the kids nowadays with are far more aware of more things than I care to admit. But I wouldn't be taking my kids to see it together.

When Lizbeth Salandar was forced to give hand job/oral sex was uncomfortable enough, but her second visit to get her money, she was violently tied up and sodomized and beaten. Later on, she got her revenge as she did the same to the man.

Even though I knew it was coming, I walked out and stood on the side to watch. I felt very uncomfortable watching that scene with the little girl sitting behind me. Awkward. The only thing I could think of how pissed I was at the parents for bringing her to see this movie. Didn't they read the book or even the reviews? Guess not.

Am I a prude? My nightmare continued as the main character played by Daniel Craig & Lisbath had a bed scene. It was long, or felt long with the little girl there. But second & third time, I was kind of pissed. The first time, fine. The 2nd & third? Maybe I am getting too old for this kind of movie.

So we come to the movie itself. All in all, it stayed true to the book. The actors playing the main parts were believable, especial Lisbath. It was suspenseful and worth your money. It felt a little slow because I read the book. I enjoyed the revenge part of the movie. I didn't like Craig as 007, but I actually liked him playing this part. 

Would I recommend this movie? Yes, if this is the sort of genre that you like. Otherwise, you can go on to Mission Impossible which I thoroughly enjoyed. The movie was good. I just hope you have the sense to leave the little one home.

P.S. I'm not going to bother with grammar check on this one. If you find a mistake, forgive me. I'm having a little cocktail since my hubby left. My girl has taken over my bed which is a welcome since that means I will not be sleeping alone tonight. ;-)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Tis' the season to be jolly & for volunteering...

When W was 11, just joining the Boy scouts, I remember seeing parents running around checking their calendars, going from one activity to another. I told myself that I wasn't going to do that. I was going to be different. I was wrong. 

When did I come to this realization? A while ago, but I felt it yesterday as I traced back the steps from Friday.

Friday went like this... as scheduled(?)  
6:30 Cooked breakfast.
7:00 Breakfast served.
7:30 Dropped off W at school then B at her school. 
8:00 Home to clean up dishes, let dog out, get A dressed. 
8:45 - 10:45 Ran errands...including shopping for snacks & gifts. 
11:00 - Home to give A his lunch & nap. Wait for Mom to watch him.
12:00 - Weekly volunteer/tutoring at 3rd grade class (B's class) 
2:30 - Picked up A from home, relieve mom, head for W's school to pick him up with B to go to abacas math class for an hour. 
3 to 4pm Abacas math 
4:20 - Home cook dinner. W practice Piano. B showers & gets ready.
5:00 - Dinner served (W gets to stay home to do school work)

5:30, we stopped by the bakery to pick up snacks for the parents and went to the meeting. A gets to play with other siblings of scouts.

630 pm. The girls were decorating the meal bags for the homeless. 

7:30 Practice caroling for the next day.
My activities ended here if you don't count the night time rituals at home. 

Saturday went on like this. 
9 - 11 am B had her last Ceramic class at the Honolulu Academy of Arts
9:30 to 10:30 was a parent child music class with A and I
11 am  We pick up B and head home.
11:30  Make lunch & have lunch.
12:30  We head out to the retirement home.
1:00 Caroling at the retirement home. 

Meanwhile, W went to volunteer for a Brunch being held for the Prevention of Child Abuse with the Leo Club. His job? He entertained the kids (mostly victims of abuse). He was there from 10 am to 2 p.m.

By the time we came home, it was 3 p.m. The kids were fine, but I was exhausted. But my day was just beginning. But I will save you the time of telling you any further.  

I was reminded to "never say never." I wasn't going to be like others running around from one activity to another, but I am that person. But that was when I only had W and before I had two more kids. 

Coming year, W has his piano, tutor, therapist, Senior project, SATs, AP classes, Essays, Abacas, Spanish, Korean, JROTC and with B joining the Girl Scouts, and A beginning K in the fall, I have a feeling, I will be busier than a corporate CEO. 

I may complain, and complain I will, but I am actually looking forward to the things to come. I get my inspiration from W and the people I meet (my tweeps). 

This is life after all. This is parenthood. And I intend to love every minute of it.