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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Busy weekend with my aspie

End of school year brings on the flurry of activities and planning for the coming school year.
This past weekend just made me realize that W is all grown up. Well, almost.

My nerves began to get to me at the JROTC banquet. He won a few awards, I was happy, but I kept hoping he would keep his eye contact and his posture.

Then he had his piano recital on center stage in the middle of the mall. It was the most longest five minutes of my life. His piece was the highlight of the recital with viola. The wind blew his notes breaking his concentration, poor boy with viola had to stop to hold on to it. Luckily, W recovered but the other boy didn't. My aspie remained cool and he was happy with the performance and stayed amazingly positive although I was still shaky inside.

Then when I came home, I checked mail to find his first SAT scores. He did good for his first try, but looking at the scores just made me more aware how close college was.

The night ended with a nice dinner together just talking and relaxing. As big as he is, I kept seeing him like this:

I think I will always see him like this.