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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

All's Well That Ends Well - Bullying & my Aspie

It has been a year since I began this blog. It began because of the bullying incident. I needed to vent, I needed to write, I needed to share. And shared I did.

Along the way, I met many people who took the time to read and comment and some shared their stories with me. I am grateful for all the support and advice I have received since then. But I digress.

I must have commented and updated about the bullying incident since then, but I had to make it a separate post, just to put the period at the end of the story.

I am happy to say, the bullying and the hush whispers regarding the incident has disappeared. The mediation session provided by the wonderful counselors did wonders to squash any rumors that remained. 

He became close with the girl from the incident. Now, they can truly be described as friends and she is one of his best advocates in school. She even came to his birthday party, although, she felt a little uncomfortable making eye contact with me, I didn't push it. I was just glad that ALL his friends came to his party even though I questioned how many would show (inside me of course). 

I still, like many parents aspie/NT alike, pay close attention and feel for anyone facing any kind of bullying. I am just happy our story has a happy ending which led to many friendships. I can only hope many parents won't have to deal with anything like bullying. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

For aspie & NTs alike, where is the guidance from school?

Bridge to Fort Island where USS Missouri resides
This picture reminded of how far we came and how far we still have to go in our adventure called life.
I'm not being overly poetic. 
I always considered myself to be well prepared in managing W's school & keeping realistic goals. But it became very frustrating today.

We planned out his course schedule from 9th grade and on. Last year summer, after I've already put in for his fall schedule, I stopped by with W to see the career & guidance counselor. 

Although understanding and kind, she wasn't helpful at all. She printed out the copy of the schedule I completed and said we were on the right track. She gave me a 3 different pamphlets with dates for his AP exams and complained she was being kicked out of her office. 

Needless to say, I needed some guidance because I felt I was on my own. I am still on my own. W is already taking AP courses. I needed to know what AP courses he could take that was necessary and would be accepted at most colleges. He was going to be taking college courses during the fall in concurrently with high school, but she wasn't able to give me what courses he should take. I got that information from his current Senior friends that were on the same track.

I understand the school has a limited budget with many kids to service. But 3 pamphlets? It was a joke. I empathized with her situation, but that still doesn't help me or my son. It was the only time I regretted not forking out money for a private school.

I had to call college org to get information about SATs and AP exams and other advice. I also got great advice from my tweeps online and his current senior friends who were in the same track. 

So we are pretty sure the courses he is taking is correct and when he will be taking the SATs and applying for colleges. Now the only thing is to go through massive amounts of information to pick the college and it is daunting. 

Was it too much to expect guidance from school? I guess it was. I am on my own. I am glad I am able to get through most of the information, but my heart goes out to his friends with less educated and less involved parents. 

I am glad to have my friends on line giving me great suggestions including aspie friends. Wish me luck.