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Monday, July 30, 2012

Disaster at the movies...

If you've read my tweets, please forgive me for repeating myself but it was one of those odd experiences that needed to be shared.

The last few weeks, I had a string of visitors including my in-laws to W's legally blind friend (I found out later.) I was staying with mom for a while since I didn't feel like staying home after my husband left. It was my vacation with my mommy. But I digress.

W wanted to spend time with some of his friends that were moving, A(5yo) and B(9yo) to the movies to see Ice Age. Yes, this was my vacation.

The movie was predictable and enjoyable to the kids. But the appalling twilight zone like phenomenon happened.

I've experienced kids, as expected, in the theater. The talking ones, crying ones, and giggling ones. As a parent, those things don't phase me much because I went through that too with my kids. I usually feel embarrassed for the parents because I know exactly how that feels.

But last 25 minutes of the movie was just an odd experience.

A girl about 3 or so in age was walking up and down the aisle with her light up shoes. Every step she took, the lights would flicker. For a few times, I thought it was my phone that was on silent but flash alert was still on. But I was wrong. She went all the way to the screen, sat there for a few seconds, then she was in the middle of the aisle, then back of the theater.

I don't know why I didn't go get help from the people who worked there. I couldn't see the parents. I don't know whether they were hiding or they thought it was really cute the way she was roaming all over the theater during the movie. 

I took my little one to the bathroom and came back. And you know what happened?
She sat right next to my A and began to eat his popcorn. I asked her where her parents were, she just had that surprised look on her face. My A5 began talking to her. She sat down for a while and I was embarrassed because I'm sure some were thinking she belonged to me. 

The movie was finally over and I looked in the back to see if the parents or anyone was to be found, but they must have taken off before the lights came on. I was just speechless. 

Am I being too judgmental when I ask where the parents were during this time of her wandering? 
Either way, I made my way out of the theater but didn't see the girl. It's almost like the parents or whoever was watching took off. 

I was a little upset, but didn't want to make a scene but it was an interesting conversation with my own kids about what we shouldn't be doing in the theater and laughed about it. I guess you can have something interesting happen at the movies.