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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Instincts of a parent

The school began at the end of July. But A's Kindergarten class didn't begin their full day until the second week.

I saw him walking behind his sister with the back pack as big as he, and he didn't look back.

I made all sorts of excuses for keeping him back a year. A has a late birthday and technically, he could've entered Kindergarten last fall.

I didn't want him to be the youngest in class and I didn't think he was ready. Honestly, he was my youngest and I wanted to keep him awhile longer.

I questioned my decision countless times and sometimes with regret especially when he asked me why he couldn't go to school. Other times I found myself having to justify to other parents of keeping him home.

On the first day, I waited in front of the class along with the other anxious parents. Soon the teacher appeared and began to speak.

A's eyes and ears were focused on her and not me. That was when I knew I was right all along. I was right to wait.
I waved and walked as my life depended on it with a smile. If I stayed any longer, I probably would've been in tears.

It may not be the right decision for everyone for different reasons. I was lucky to have a choice to keep him home with me. And now I appreciate the extra time I had with him even though I wished I had some free time.

As A learns the abcs, I've learned to trust my instincts just a little more and hope I make the best decision for my kids.


I miss taking a nap w him though.

My baby...