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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Finally, all grown up?

College orientation done.
Now we wait.
I planned his birthday, it ended us in NY City. A place he wanted to go to school.

After orientation we head to the big apple
We had to do this, actually, I had to do this.

Yes, we were from the country. Met his 18th birthday at Time Square

Of course, aspie side of him just could let go of visiting the museum

After two days, reality sets in. Time to go back home.
Back home to Hawaii
To see the Sunset

And get ready to meet the future.

College orientation surprise for me & my aspie

I took a gamble.
I left it up to him to pick the school to apply to.
I didn't even look at his essays.
I didn't even look at his grades.
He got into the schools he wanted, not Ivy League school, but close.

People asked me why I didn't arrange orientation on the week of the move in date. I didn't have the strength to tell them about the aspergers aspect. I was too tired and didn't want to explain.

We took the two day orientation to a place with 11 plus hours of traveling involved.
My anxiety went through the roof. My husband couldn't get off the ship so he could only make it to the graduation.

It was up to me to take him there. It was going to be my last trip with him before he went off to college. We left a day early and made the trip worthwhile.

At the school, they said, "Say good bye to your kids because you won't see them for the next two days. Parents will be getting their own orientation. Your kids will experience the dorm life and get a taste of what was to come." My heart sank. It sank even though he was coming back home with me this time.

I held on to my phone, with the charger in my purse, with my dear life. All the questions I had regarding the school was secondary. They made sure all the information was provided to the parents. It was there just to handle our jitters. I was sure he would text me any minute.

Then it happened.


And next day, one text.

"Mom, thank you very much."

I don't think I've been surprised by anything else in my life. I've been bugging him for years to use Korean he's been taught in a separate class for years.

He loved the school, he got all the information and by the time he go home, he was motivated to exercise and then decided to volunteer for a special ed class at his old high school and hospice before going back to college.

He absolutely loves the schools.
Staff was well aware & prepared to meet his needs.
School was determined to get him adjusted to the school in everyway they could.

Will he do well? I don't know.
But he is re-doing his bucket list as I write this blog.

Florence 2013

Planning his new adventure....