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Monday, December 12, 2011

Tis' the season to be jolly & for volunteering...

When W was 11, just joining the Boy scouts, I remember seeing parents running around checking their calendars, going from one activity to another. I told myself that I wasn't going to do that. I was going to be different. I was wrong. 

When did I come to this realization? A while ago, but I felt it yesterday as I traced back the steps from Friday.

Friday went like this... as scheduled(?)  
6:30 Cooked breakfast.
7:00 Breakfast served.
7:30 Dropped off W at school then B at her school. 
8:00 Home to clean up dishes, let dog out, get A dressed. 
8:45 - 10:45 Ran errands...including shopping for snacks & gifts. 
11:00 - Home to give A his lunch & nap. Wait for Mom to watch him.
12:00 - Weekly volunteer/tutoring at 3rd grade class (B's class) 
2:30 - Picked up A from home, relieve mom, head for W's school to pick him up with B to go to abacas math class for an hour. 
3 to 4pm Abacas math 
4:20 - Home cook dinner. W practice Piano. B showers & gets ready.
5:00 - Dinner served (W gets to stay home to do school work)

5:30, we stopped by the bakery to pick up snacks for the parents and went to the meeting. A gets to play with other siblings of scouts.

630 pm. The girls were decorating the meal bags for the homeless. 

7:30 Practice caroling for the next day.
My activities ended here if you don't count the night time rituals at home. 

Saturday went on like this. 
9 - 11 am B had her last Ceramic class at the Honolulu Academy of Arts
9:30 to 10:30 was a parent child music class with A and I
11 am  We pick up B and head home.
11:30  Make lunch & have lunch.
12:30  We head out to the retirement home.
1:00 Caroling at the retirement home. 

Meanwhile, W went to volunteer for a Brunch being held for the Prevention of Child Abuse with the Leo Club. His job? He entertained the kids (mostly victims of abuse). He was there from 10 am to 2 p.m.

By the time we came home, it was 3 p.m. The kids were fine, but I was exhausted. But my day was just beginning. But I will save you the time of telling you any further.  

I was reminded to "never say never." I wasn't going to be like others running around from one activity to another, but I am that person. But that was when I only had W and before I had two more kids. 

Coming year, W has his piano, tutor, therapist, Senior project, SATs, AP classes, Essays, Abacas, Spanish, Korean, JROTC and with B joining the Girl Scouts, and A beginning K in the fall, I have a feeling, I will be busier than a corporate CEO. 

I may complain, and complain I will, but I am actually looking forward to the things to come. I get my inspiration from W and the people I meet (my tweeps). 

This is life after all. This is parenthood. And I intend to love every minute of it. 


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  2. Everyone should be taught about giving! That pic is too cute.