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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japanese Tragedy yet another obsession

An earth quake hit Japan a few days ago and brought tragedy to so many lives. As a resident of Hawaii, I was impacted by the threat of tsunami and was in fear through out the first night. Luckily, Hawaii was spared with little to no disaster, although a night of hourly siren rang through the entire island, keeping us wondering. Now that is done, I'm left with another little disaster of my own. But first, I must say that I do feel for the people of Japan and our hearts go out to them.

My beef is this. Every time there's disaster on the news, my son is right there reading about it. Everyone knows that obsession is one of the traits of Asperger, and I accept and work with that. Ever since he was a child, he had many, many obsessions. First, it was the trains, airplanes, reading, then ultimately, it was reading about airplane crashes. Now, it's about any disasters.

When the news broke about Japan, he started to watch the news. After I changed the channel, he moved on to internet, newspaper, email updates, and twitter to get the news. I catch him reading when I wake up or leave him alone for more than a minute. He hasn't displayed any of the traits for a while, but this one brought it all back.

He's 15 and home, but he'll be in college in a few years, away from me and my "protection." What if he finds another thing to obsess on? He's got all the time and the resources to devote on his needs. What do I do then? It makes me more than a bit uneasy about this media sensationalism. It's yet another hurdle for me and my son to overcome. Right now, I feel like yanking the electricity and burying ourselves in the sand. Thanks for listening to my rant:) Do you have any obsession you're dealing with? Okay, time to get back to my obsession, my son.


  1. Must neurotypicals always try to see those with increased intellect as somehow flawed? Yes, there's a give and take to everything. You lose a ton of intellectual ability for your social skill and we notice it constantly but we try not to look at you as retarded when it seems an obvious truth to us.
    Stop oppressing us or we'll learn from you how to oppress you. And unfortunately we'll be much better at it. (when I have an IQ over 150 I can tell you you're stupid with authority but is it right to do so?) Watch the X-men movies... they are a metaphor about us.

    How about we instead stop calling special abilities disabilities and just recognize that some people are better for different situations. You may feel that general practitioner is a better doctor and we might feel that a specialist is a better doctor but a better view is that either is better or worthless if you just change the situation around a little.

  2. It is obvious to me that you are an aspie, a nasty one at that. Go and have your tantrum to your mommy or the people who wronged you. Don't take it out on me. I hope my son doesn't turn out as bitter, narcissistic, and rude as you seem to be. It's a great pity with that high IQ, you weren't able to pick up manners.

    You did great injustice for ALL aspies today.