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Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Siblinghood" from Family Network TV

"Siblinghood" was one of the many programs featured on the Family Network TV(FNTV) website.  Family Network TV is a Web TV bringing the special needs community together with resources for their needs.

In this segment, we meet  the hosts Alex, Maggie,Evan, and Nick, all who have siblings with different special needs. They do a wonderful job interviewing Kelly, who has a disabled sibling, about her feelings.Kelly answered many questions that lingered in the minds of all parents who have children with special needs. She is very frank about how her brother influenced her decision to work with kids with special needs. She also wants to finish her studies to become a Special Education Teacher in the future.

I found her honesty very endearing because we all have dealt with awkward moments that comes with having someone disabled in the family as she does. She also touched on the subject of being/feeling left out by the family because so much energy that was focused on her brother. In her case, it brought her family closer together as she learned about patience and acceptance.

As a mother of three with the oldest one being Aspergan, I do wonder about how the two young ones will handle their brother's condition. Will they be as accepting or will they feel resentment? Those are questions that lurks in my mind as I brace for the day they're old enough to understand. Over all, I really enjoyed watching this episode and will watch the show regularly. There's still so much to learn, and I'm grateful for everything that is offered online.


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