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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Getting the most of out School for my Asperger Son

Having a high functioning Asperger Teen in public school is a challenge to say the least.  The biggest problem is that no one notices anything about him until they start to talk to him for more than a few sentences.  And since he isn't in Special Ed, there are no services that is provided for him.  Kids with this disorder needs a different approach when it comes to learning, so I had to take the initiative.

I informed the counselor and gave her permission to inform his teachers about his disorder and some of the characteristics that could be misconstrued as a disrespectful behavior.  Some of this traits are the lack of eye contact, zoning out, and shutting down. In order for him to get the most of his classes, I requested for him to be seated in the front where there were little room for distractions. I also requested that all of his teachers to initial the daily school planner so that I can be aware of his academic performance and behavior in class.

There are over 1400 students in his high school with average of 30 kids per class.  It became my responsibility to get him the attention and the help that he required.  I managed to speak to at least 3 VPs, 2 counselors, and all of his teachers. I learned you have be vigilant in asking for what you want for your child and they know you are willing to do whatever and talk to whomever to get it.  Be passionate, be involved, but never lose your cool. You'll have better results by being nice than pushy:)

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