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Monday, October 3, 2011

Yay! My son approves my tweets! As our relationship turns -me and my aspie

For the longest time, W had the hardest time communicating both verbally and non-verbally of what he wanted and when he needed help. Even as his speech caught up, he was unable to articulate his feelings.

He was always facing the world alone. He had me and the family, but he felt like this picture.

But the use of Facebook and my Twitter use has changed this and for the better.

I was having my tweeting fest that started at the mall with W's 8 yr old sister (B) and his 4yo brother (A).

My short stop to the pharmacy located at Ala Moana Shopping center, biggest open air shopping mall in the world, led us to the Lego store, then Sushi restaurant. I tweeted through both and my escape from the potential budget killing shopping spree and got home.

When I came home, W picked up my IPhone and began reading my tweets.

Yes, he reads my tweets. He was the reason that I began the blog and twitter. I don't tweet anything I would feel uncomfortable talking to him about anyway. Bur I digress.

Moments later, he stated, "Mom, you sure do compartmentalize your crazy well in your tweets."

I wasn't seeking his approval, but I was happy to receive it. I respect his opinion.

This started with me policing his Facebook news feed for content then he began reading my tweets. It led to many interesting discussions sometimes many one way conversations about everything. It was refreshing to be talking with each other instead of talking to or being talked to one way.

We talk openly about aspergers, sometimes joke about the quirks of having aspergers and his aspie traits.
He isn't afraid to tell me things and being afraid how I would handle it.

So where is our relationship now? It is where I would hope everyone could be with their child. Is it perfect, no. But the important thing is that we have open communication.

I am not his friend. I am the parent with authority and power in the relationship. But we have an open line of communication where he knows that no judgment or punishment awaits him, but an understanding adult -- his mom. And he is no longer alone in the ocean of life.

I hope you can find your own way to enhance your relationship with your child. It is wonderful.

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