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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Productive & Rewarding Day that went as planned

It started as just another day. After the morning circus was done, I came home to find myself without any appointments.

I used this as a teaching moment for A(4 almost 5) to pick up toys from the kids' living room. I cleaned the floors & dishes.

Then I saw the bags from the library visit, read the rest of the books we borrowed while he ate his early lunch and mom had a different mission for the day. To brave the State Library where parking was nearly impossible to find.

My luck was just beginning.  

We found parking immediately. 25cents per 10 minutes? Well, it is considered lucky to park around here in Downtown Honolulu because the Capital, Municipal, and major state offices are here, even the FBI. So I was lucky.


This is just the 1/5 section of the children area. I could just live here.

It's a good thing I cleaned my room today. This is what ended up beside my bed.

So my mission was to read to the kids. I'm so lucky. B (almost 9) read to her brother about 15 of it.  Then she read hers.
I purposely borrowed books for 1- 3 graders. Of course, the latter ones are for me & my aspie. I'm sure he will be through with it in a day or two. He's been known to just swallow the words. My average brain takes a little while longer.

The only problem is that I will have those books starring at me to read and return. So I will be reading it throughout the day and convincing my little one that we can return it once we've read it.
That is another story.


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