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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My aspie said: Mom, if tweeting was a sport, you'd be a gold medalist!

"Addiction: quality or state of having a compulsive need for & use of habit-forming substance." - Merriam-Webster Dictionary
My name is Chi and I'm an addict. Lost in twitterville with my IPhone. As you know they go hand in hand. 

My journey began with the purchase of my IPhone on Feb. 25, 2011. Yes, I remember the date.
Prior to that, I had my blog that I updated every month and an inactive twitter account with 200 followers. But now I have almost 4800 followers, but haven't gotten around to blogging regularly. But I digress.

Getting my phone was the best thing that happened in my life, other than my kids. I was no longer strapped to the computer to do bills, emails, and miscellaneous, eating away all my free time when the kids went to bed. Computer was now in the palm of my hands, and I can make phone calls too! Brilliant.

I became the meaning of "multi-tasking" stay at home mom. I became a woman on a mission. I made sure no time went underutilized.

I was utilizing all the hours alright and didn't realize just how much.

When did I notice the change in my behavior? I didn't.
Phone was in my hand at all times. I caught myself constantly looking at or for my phone. It became another limb. It never left my side, unless it was charging. I got anxious when the battery was low. At times, I was stuck to the wall because it was charging.

Since my husband isn't around, it was the last thing I saw before closing my eyes at night, or prior to passing out. And it was the first thing I reached for when I opened my eyes. I knew its whereabouts at all times; in its red otter box protective case next to me.

It was suppose to save me time so I could do other things. The other things became tweeting. It was so easy to do it. Slowly but surely, I began following and connecting with other parents. I loved the adult interaction & discussions. Although, I have to admit, some were in the ridiculous side.

Instead of having more time, I was finding ways to cut down on other things so I could be on twitter. I tweeted instead of naps I used to take with A. The only time I didn't tweet was when I was using the bathroom and driving. Then I had W tweet for me while I was driving.

Then yesterday, my aspie told me, "If tweeting was a sport, you'd be a gold medalist."

There he got me. I had to admit it. I was addicted to my Iphone and twitter. My instructions to him to stay away from the internet & Face Book went out the window. So did I change?

Obviously not because I'm updating my blog instead of sleeping. But I have put it on vibrate in the evening. In the morning, I make sure I finish cooking breakfast watch them eat as I tweet.

So where am I going with this? No where, like many of my tweets, it is just another reason to spend time talking about twitter. But it should be something you should ask yourself, are you an addict?

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