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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day in the life of a typical mom.

 have a brilliant idea for a blog. But I go blank as soon as I start typing. So should I jot it down? It still doesn’t work. So here is one post that will bore the hell out of you.

Sample Wednesday.

If everything goes as scheduled, this robotic mommy’s schedule is as follows:

6:15 am  A(4) Wakes me up.
6:30 I come out to the kitchen, W (aspie) turns on the coffee machine and walks the dog. I put the precooked breakfast into the microwave and warm it up.

645  My aspie eats breakfast, after I question him about everything he needed to take, he is out the door to take the bus to school.  (Sometimes, I drop him off.)

700  A(4) & B(8) have breakfast. I go upstairs and bring down her school clothes and his outside clothes. (I have different clothes they wear to school and for home). They brush and change.

740 I drop B off to school. The elementary school is about 13 houses away from us, but these houses are quite big so it is not a distance for her to walk alone. If I drive by car, I take longer. On the days I feel up to it, we walk together.

815 A4 does his jumpstart.com learning online game while I clear the table, do the dishes, and wipe down the kitchen.

9 am - 11 am I usually take care of errands, and most of the time, it requires me driving.

11:15 /1215 Around this time is when I have A4 have his lunch. He takes a short nap. I cook dinner while I tweet. Sometimes dose off on the couch too.

2:10 The little one and I go to pick up B & W from school.

3:00 Go directly to one hour abacas math class (3x a week). I usually do reading of the library books while we wait or pick up something from store, if needed. If we decide to go to the later class, I bring out the pre-cooked dinner so they can eat in the car on the way home.

430 We get home. W walks the dog. They do homework. I cook if I haven’t cooked already.

Between 5/6 We have dinner. Then clean up.

The little one usually plays with his cars. B likes doing her educational computer games including typing, science, math, and reading. Sometimes, they like the Iphone apps.  W is too busy with all the homework and gets to use his Itouch to update FB or listen to music.

W has not enough time to do everything. When he has time, he does searches on what schools and tells me about his day.
I do the dishes, W takes out trash, and I check B’s planner & homework. I check W’s calendar with routine questions to make sure we are on same page.

I prepare breakfast for the morning.  (Sometimes I don’t)
8:15 Kids go to bed. (Doesn’t mean they are sleeping.)
9:25 W goes to bed. (Tries to wiggle a few minutes all the time.)

This is how boring, scheduled my life is. Sure things don’t always happen the way it is planned.
Sometimes, I take out food to eat.
Sometimes, I leave the dishes for the machine.
Sometimes, I let them just watch TV.
Sometimes we don’t do anything.

I am okay when I can’t stay on task. I don’t throw a fit if something doesn’t get done. But like the idea of knowing what things need to be done.


  1. Smart idea to cook breakfast, never thought about that! lol

  2. I didn't think this was boring at all! I love to read people's schedules.. LOL, what can I say, I'm weird? I nanny for two kids and try to schedule everything out but it hardly works. I am a big fan of preparing food in advance, that can be the TOUGHEST part of my day if I don't. Keep writing your blog ideas- even if you think they're boring ;) it'll be inspirational for me since I just started my blog and don't know what to blog about myself O_o