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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wished for a vacation, wish granted, or was it?

I finally have my wish. I got a break. A well deserved break.

But as everything in life, there was a catch. A big one.

I had a lingering back pain that came  time to time. Instead of finding a primary care physician, as I did for the kids, I went to the ER. Got medication that took care of the problem, I thought.
As always, I ignored it by putting band aid on it.

But  last week, my body gave out. I couldn't get up from the floor. I called for help.

I went to the ER. I got pain medication and went home.

But did I look for a Doctor? Nope. As always, life got in the way. Meds kept my pain at bay. Too many things to do, too many responsibilities.

My need to continue as I usually do, I ended up in the ER again two days later.

Monday, I spent half a day searching for a doctor. Searching for my own doctor was worse than the back pain. After 19 phone calls, including 3 to the insurance company, I found a doctor. I went in at 230. By 530, I had complete workup including blood & other, plus X-ray, diagnosis, and proper medications.

Did I learn anything from this? I need to take care of myself, not just the family.

Now I am forced to sit here, off my feet, updating my blog as I wanted while doing some reading on the side.

I am looking forward to moving around again and being a mother instead of a zombie.

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  1. Hope you feel better soon! You really do have to take care of yourself. Believe me I know how hard that is to do.