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Thursday, August 4, 2011

My aspie's bucket list

W came home today and handed me his planner.  His assignment was to create a bucket list. It made me laugh to get a glimpse of what was in his mind. Very colorful indeed. I like the last one.

So here is the big reveal.

  1. Become a doctor who works primarily with low income families.
  2. Attend John Hopkins University in Baltimore Maryland
  3. Graduate from High school
  4. Fall in love
  5. Have a date to the prom
  6. Get married on a top of a mountain
  7. Sing at a karaoke bar with a jazz band
  8. Write a fantasy / science fiction novel
  9. Explore the problems Islamic-Americans face in America
  10. Go to a heavy metal concert in New York
  11. Drive across America
  12. Buy a house for my Uncle/Aunt and Mom/Dad when they get old
  13. Travel to Korea
  14. Live to see the day when North and South Korea is united
  15. Watch a place in London's Globe Theatre
  16. Visit Jerusalem's Wailing Wall
  17. Rescue people from human slavery in India
  18. Take a look at the Acropolis in Athens
  19. Pay respects at Auschwitz - Birkenau
  20. Watch an Olympic game in the audience
  21. Travel on a flight from Singapore to New York
  22. Listen to "1001 songs before you die"
  23. Dine at a 5-star restaurant in Hong Kong
  24. Spend a week in the Laksawedeep islands in India
  25. Buy a house in Rome, near Victor Emmanuelle II monument
  26. Ski in Vail, Colorado and then surf in California in one day
  27. Be an extra in a music video
  28. Watch a Russian ballet in St. Petersburg
  29. Take a river cruise in France
  30. Taste actual Belgium Waffles
  31. Backpack to Monte Carlo, Monaco
  32. Watch Mozart's Marriage of Figaro in Vienna Austria
  33. Bath in volcanic hot springs in Iceland
  34. Party in Cancun Mexico
  35. Become a vegetarian for 2 weeks
  36. Become vegan for a week
  37. Actually try PX90
  38. Watch Korean Arirang without sleeping, from back to back
  39. Launch fireworks in the desert
  40. Pilot a plane
  41. Skydiving in Australia
  42. Go on a safari in Kenya
  43. Watch a fashion show in Tokyo
  44. Build houses in Haiti
  45. Be a blood donor
  46. Donate my body to science when I die
  47. Be fluent in Korean & Spanish 
  48. Have children
  49. Travel around the world for one year
  50. Be happy & optimistic
If you made it this far. Please leave a comment. He thought it was funny I was doing this post.


  1. It's a brilliant list. I nearly choked with laughter at becoming a vegan for a week. You are made of much tougher stuff than I. I am too much of an animal lover to ever stop eating them. And if while partying in Cancun you come across a Korean Mexican, you'll be all set. Take care 'W' and good luck working off the items on your list. It should be a lifetime of fun.

    Mark Souza

  2. This is an incredible list. What a heart. You must be so proud.

  3. I love the list. I think I'm going to copy you "W" and add a few of those to mine! Have fun making all you dreams come true. BTW, the last one will make all the others even more enjoyable so try to start with it when you can. :)

  4. What an amazing list... very inspiring! I love the fact that there are so many goals focused on kindness and helping others. This list reveals so much about an amazing perspective, and I suspect/expect your child will have a wonderfully positive impact on his world, and that of others.

    I think the list also reveals that you are an awesome mom and doing a great job of parenting!!

  5. Awesome list, love all the wanting to help others. My list is kind of similar: lots of world traveling. Even the vegan and vegetarian things were on my list except a year for vegan (completed) and the rest of my life for vegetarian (still in the process of).

  6. That is a great list! Your son sounds like a very cool person.

  7. Amazing list! I cannot come up with 5 things -- and these are are so thoughtful