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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Who said Summer break had anything to do with break?

The summer break began at the end of May for all the kids. But for me, the work began that day.
Keeping them occupied without losing my sanity is a challenge to say the least.

W thought he was actually going to have a time off from school work. Boy he was wrong. He had a few days off, then he was off to summer school to take a Hawaiian history (required for graduation) until 1 pm. Then he has art class at the Academy Art center until 245, and has his piano lessons on Fridays after the art class and then Korean class on Sunday.

The days of having lazy summers are a thing of the past. The summers are shorter which means less time to do anything else. I was not too keen on structured activity, but I gave in because he wanted to do the art and Korean class.  He only has Saturdays to meet his friends. 

All the while, he has to do two papers on Thoreau, and have five books, required reading for he summer for the fall AP classes.  With all that activity, he still manages to find time for his drawing, writing, and listening to music, checking his email and updating facebook.

It is strange but we don't even have time for the beach and it is weird because I live on an island. Maybe I'll get to see the ocean this weekend.  :)

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  1. Sounds like just normal life in Honolulu to me or as my friend posted on her Facebook "a tiger-mom based educational society." It sounds like your son is coping well with all of the activity and that is really all that matters.