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Monday, May 16, 2011

Parenthood finale

Note: This post was deleted when blogger went off line for a day so here is my little note on the finale.

Parenthood finale left me speechless for all the wrong reasons.
When it aired the first time, I was ecstatic about having a character with aspergers being featured in a network prime time show.  I was happy it was being mentioned, it was being recognized, and we, the parents, were being acknowledged in a small way.
Then the inevitable disappointment. 
In the finale, Max, the character diagnosed with Aspergers while waiting in the hospital, threw a tantrum because he wanted to do something.  Then he did the same with his father when his father wanted to ask him about where he lost the retainer. In the end, he apologized for his behavior and announced he had aspergers.
Admittedly, my expectations were high from the beginning and I wasn't expecting the show to centered around the disorder.  But the way the creators decided to portray him was completely off. They tried to show Max having a sort of meltdown, but he just came off as a spoiled, self-centered child in bad need of discipline. His character seemed too robotic and one dimensional.
I wish my son was able to communicate his wants and his feelings so verbally and effectively. I can't even get him off his topic and even if I could, he would repeat what I have said instead of his own opinions.  Announcing he had aspergers? Apologizing for what he has done wrong? Asking if his mom was mad at him because he had aspergers?
Don't they have consultants?  A test group perhaps?
Using a caricature to represent a disorder is just pandering for ratings and doing great injustice all of us affected by it. 
They haven't said if this was going to be renewed for the next season, if it is, I hope they do their research, but I'm sure not going to watch to find out.

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