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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Not so typical story from a typical aspie on being “Special”

*I typed this out. No edits from me or even grammar check. I thought it wouldn't be appropriate if I touched it. So here is his story. How he wants it to be told. His take on friendship.*

When I first came to this school, it was a random girl that got me introduced to new people. I was seriously anti-social at the time. It was my 2nd year of high school, but it was my first year in this school. She thought I needed someone to talk to.

The very same day, I tried saying hello to the person next to me, and got mistaken for asking him out… @.@

So at lunch, I sat above, well, next to someone sleeping, hoping I didn’t disturb them and thought about how my day was going (not so well).

Feeling despondent, I was about to leave when that same random girl said I should say Hi to everyone and I should sit at her table. And behold, the kid from the last class.

The girl spoke. “That guy over there,” she said, motioning to the sleeping student, “is A. He is a narcoleptic & he is taking a power nap, so don’t be near him when he wakes up.” She continued.
"This is I from your math class and I’m D. You’ve been introduced to the three musketeers.”

     “What? I don’t understand.”  

She explained she had Insomnia, one had narcolepsy, and the other was bipolar.

“I feel sorry for you. I’ve only got Asperger Syndrome.”

“Don’t be. This corner of the courtyard is a sanctuary for all the kids with disabilities. Not officially, but this is our own turf, and a support group. Come here whenever, no one will mind.”

“How long has it been here?” I asked.

“Not very long, most have known each other since middle school. We handle our problems here.”

With the ringing of the bell, I left for my next class. About a week later, I came back again and again. 

Nowadays, over a year later, I have connected with these three and with their support, made many new acquaintances and weathered disastrous crisis.

I am proud to call myself, one of the “specials.”


  1. He draws well and he writes well. I enjoyed reading this :)

  2. I needed something like this today, I hope My "Special" finds something like this group.