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Friday, January 28, 2011

Bullying in School

Teenage years are suppose to be hard.  But having Asperger Syndrome makes it even harder.
He has a high IQ, honor classes, and participates in JROTC.  But socially, I can only describe him as socially immature and awkward with the lack of eye contact, odd posture and gestures, and inability to read body language and missing cues.  Having a teenager in high school is scary enough these days, it is nerve wrecking to have one with this disorder.

My son, 15, told me he was feeling uncomfortable in school.  A girl in his class announced in several places that he was gay.  I knew some of his quirky behaviors could be misunderstood, but I went to the school and made a complaint and it was investigated.

I was appalled at the school's reaction telling me that some of the things he said was making himself a target.  But making the complaint and going to the school did drew a lot of unwanted attention for him.  Some kids thought he was making a big deal out of nothing, and the other thought telling was the right thing to do.

I slightly regretted making an issue with the school, but I had to make sure that if he was going to be a target, I would make sure other kids knew who they were dealing with.  But some of his acquaintances, he thought were friends, turned their backs on him.

Case closed, I thought.  But it didn't.

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